At Mandale Homes we understand that buying a new home is a big deal… So why choose us?

Below is a short film that was produced for the Telegraph Business Club. The film gives a fantastic insight into the Mandale Group, and offers a little bit more information on who we are and how we work… Take a watch, and enjoy!



Small developments – We believe small developments are better. Who wants to move into a home on a building site? Small developments mean that even if you are one of the first to move in, your neighbours are sure to follow shortly after. Large developments take years to build, small ones don’t.

Experienced, personal service
– Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you every step of the way. If this is your first home, you are a bit rusty on the whole sales process, or just need a helping hand our staff are there to assist. Small developments allow us to build a relationship with each buyer, so you can always be sure of that personal touch.

Experts at building
– Here at Mandale we have been building for over 30 years, and our experience is not just housebuilding. From a marina, to hi-rise office blocks, to huge apartment complexes, Mandale has construction knowledge of all complexities. It’s safe to say we know the odd thing about it.

Your home, your way
– At Mandale Homes, we build houses. It’s you that makes it a home. We offer each buyer the opportunity to select their internal finishes from our extensive range.* If you fancy something a little bit special we have upgrade options too. We appreciate that everyone is different, so why would they all want to live in the same house?

Quality & detail
– At every step of the construction process the detail of our homes are carefully considered to ensure they are the best they can be. We analyse layouts, materials, and everything in between to ensure that you will get the most out of your home. We use premium materials and systems where beneficial to ensure maximum efficiency and value for money. We strive to not just meet standards & expectations, but exceed them.

Specification & warranty
– Most new homes are built to a much higher quality than second hand homes due to current materials and building regulations. With a Mandale Home you can be sure of a specification that other homes, new and old, will struggle to compete with. Team that with our 2 year warranty, and 10 year structural warranty and you have a home beyond comparison.

Money saving
– The efficiency of new build homes has increased drastically over recent years. According to the HBF, you could save an average £1,410 per year on energy bills for a four bedroom home when compared to a Victorian equivalent. Not only would you save money on your bills, but a new build home requires no repairs or renovation, saving you time and money which could be better spent elsewhere.

Less hassle
– It is common knowledge that moving house can be stressful. There is a whole list of things to sort before you even move. Mandale Homes can help. We can put you in contact with an independent financial advisor and an approved legal team to help take some of the headache away. It is not unusual to find a second hand home that requires a bit of a touch up – we can make sure that your home is ready to be lived in from the day you move in.

*depending on stage of build